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India Page

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India Page is a native to Greensboro NC. India's love for acting and performing started 2004 when she began acting with Dumas Drama Guild in Roanoke VA. She invested 9 years with DDG in which she acted, wrote songs, and choreographed. Her affiliation with the Royal Curtain Drama Guild started with role of Jackie, in the RCDG original play "Cleaning House," then she landed the role of Tracy, in RCDG's "My First Love," and then she showed of her dancing skills in the ensemble of the Broadway rendition of the "The Wiz" the musical. India stepped into another realm of her career in her portrayal of "Beverly Prestige," in the RCDG show, Life After Death. India’s passions are displayed through creative expression and performance. She graduated from Winston Salem State University with a Major in Mass Communications and a Minor in Dramatic Arts. Her business is Idolized Creations.

India Page
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Mrs. Beverly Prestige

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