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Deborah Frazier

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Actor Biography:

Minister Deborah Frazier aka Deb Ministers through Acting, Singing and Song Writing. A thespian of the Royal Curtain Drama Guild since 2019, Deb was raised with a singing family in Winston-Salem NC. Minster Frazier was married to the late Lassiter Frazier. They had 3 children and 2 grandsons. Minister Deb acting career started 2019 in Mt. Airy NC and then on the RCDG stage with Wilton Mitchell's stage play, “Follow Me” The Gospel of Jesus Christ, then she graced the stage as the Angel in “My First Love”, and Paula in “The Present,” just to name a few. Minister Deb attends Love and Faith Christian Church with Pastor John Goins Greensboro NC. Minister. Deb knows the best it yet to come with her theater experiences.

Deborah Frazier
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Recent Credits & Character Listing:

Pastor Real

Doctor Brewton

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