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The Royal Curtain Drama Guild production company is a faith-based, outreach community organization. Made up of individuals from various denominations and ethnic backgrounds, this organization serves communities by offering individuals who possess a like passion for experiencing the atmosphere of not only theatrical plays, but plays that speak to the soul, give room to grow, and exhibit their creative gifts. 

Our first mission is to share the experience of “Spiritual-tainment” by partnering with kingdom-minded, positive playwrights with our passionate production team, and presenting messages of God that are designed to bring communities together through the theatrical stage plays and dinner theater performances suitable for all ages.  

Then, through the “Spiritual-tainment” experience, we would seek to foster relationships with companies and organizations, that could benefit from the powerful messages that are displayed on our stages.  Messages that speak to an array of abuses, bullying, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, unity, and the list goes on.  Our stages spotlight the hope that every community seeks, whether indoors or out, that there IS AN ANSWER to overcoming the problems that everyone in society faces.  

Currently, the RCDG is seeking sponsors and partners to be active participants in continuing to build a highway this city of arts could use to bridge the gaps of the diversity of lifestyle, culture, and ethnic descent. Whether you choose to underwrite a show, purchase Ad space in our program, or purchase tickets to donate to a less able organization, your financial support would assist us in covering the production costs, and thereby enable us to broaden our ability to share these life-changing messages that are destined to be heard by the masses.  

We appreciate your support!