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Age: 48

Race: African-American

Soon to retire corrections officer at the city jail, good man/bad husband, struggles with honesty and boundaries when it comes to male/female relationships, speaks with a mix of southern Gullah-Geechie and inner-city slang from the 60’s and 70’s. He is fighting for order in the midst of his hectic life and contentious divorce.


Age: 17 

Race: African-American

David’s son, student/athlete. He is in search of manhood training and understanding male/female relationships, sides with his father when it comes to most things in life.


Age 20

Race: African-American

David’s son, disagreeable, harmful, conflicted, attracted to the street life, does not side with his father.


It’s 1990, and David Gallup never thought he would end up divorced.

However, his sons knew it was bound to happen. To make matters worse,

almost immediately after his wife divorced him, David impregnated the mother of his oldest son’s girlfriend. For additional income, David rents his basement to a female friend. Will David’s new tenant totally destroy his fractured relationship with his sons, or will David pull it all together?

Character Analysis


Age: 29

Race: African-American

Tenant, David’s friend, an aspiring lawyer, a newly engaged woman on the cusp of starting her real career, a survivor of child abuse. She works as a bartender at her fiancé’s restaurant. Tonya is a law student by way of guile, scholarship and luck. She is a social survivalist by way of blood, sweat, and tears.


Age: 39

Race: Italian-American

Tonya’s fiancé, a New Yorker with a thick Long Island accent, a successful restaurant owner with no formal education beyond high school. He is an experienced New Yorker who is protective of his fiancé.

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