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FOLLOW ME! The Gospel of Jesus Christ

In this two-act piece, Mitchell allows you to witness common occurrences and experiences that transpire in many churches today.  He grants us a bird’s-eye view of the very sensitive perspective of the “hurting people” that church folk has written off as hell bound.  He presents us with an intimate assessment of how the “church-folk” occasionally reject these “so-called” lost souls and recklessly turn them away while they are merely in search of hope, purpose and spiritual restorative healing.  He delicately and respectfully illustrates the shift that is taking place within these sacred institutions; a transition from a space of traditionalism to a depot of relational spirituality with liberty to worship and serve. Within the first few scenes of the play, we are immediately introduced to how conflict, hate, and deception can be infiltrated by love, joy, and hope! Though the experiences are intense, it cannot be denied that God’s love is seen as He creates a special relationship with each of them, right where they are; helping to heal areas of self-worth, trauma, identity acceptance, grief, and hypocrisy.

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